All courses of English at Wesley College offer students the opportunity to:

1. Engage with and enjoy language in all its varieties.
2. Understand, respond to, and use oral, written and visual language effectively in a range of contexts.
3. Develop control over the processes associated with using and responding to English language purposefully and effectively through, reading, writing speaking, listening, viewing and presenting.
4. Develop an understanding of the grammar and conventions of English.
5. Respond personally to and think critically about a range of texts, including literary texts.
6. Use language skills to identify information needs, find, use, and communicate information.
7. Acquire the necessary standards to meet both Level 1 NCEA and the University Entrance Literacy requirements.

Trades, Armed Forces, Broadcaster, Reporter, Interpreter, Training Consultant, Librarian, Curator, Communications, Marketing Manager, Reviewer, Teacher, Editor, Lawyer, Publisher, Account Executive, Account Supervisor, Actor/actress, Administration, Administrative & Program Director, Administrative Assistant/Office Mgr., Advertising, Advertising Account Executive, Advertising Sales Representative, Announcer, Application Developer, Archivist, Area Coordinator, Assistant Account Executive, Assistant Editor/Production Editor, Associate Company Manager, Associate Director of Publicity, Associate Editor, Associate/Public Accountant, Attorney, Author, Bank Officer, Book Publisher, Bookstore manager, Broadcast Advertising Manager, Broadcasting, Business Operations Senior Planner, Buyer, Career Counselor, Certified Public Accountant, Child Care Specialist/Teacher, Columnist, Commodities Trader, Communication, Communication Skills Trainer, Communications Assistant, Community Affairs Specialist, Computer Manager/Consultant, Confidential Assistant Exec,