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Year 13 Sport Leadership

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ben Hancock

MIT Certificates of Achievement in Sport Studies (Level 2 and 3) and MIT Certificate of Achievement in Sport Leadership
(Level 2 and 3)
These programmes introduce students to the exciting career of sport, and will develop practical skills in coaching, outdoor learning environments, fundamental skills for athletes, exercise techniques and fitness activities.
Programme structure
 To enable students to develop a coaching philosophy and coaching style and apply them in the practical environment
 To encourage students to develop their delivery style and be innovative in their game design
 To provide an opportunity to experience the outdoor learning environment
 To encourage students to demonstrate self-management and self-evaluation skills in an outdoor learning environment
 To provide an understanding of fundamental skills
 To provide an opportunity for students to determine an athlete’s ability to learn and perform fundamental skills
 To have students conduct, review and adapt a skill practice of fundamental skills
 To have students identify muscle groups and systems targeted by exercises
 To enable students to demonstrate exercise techniques and assist clients in fitness activities, under supervision.
Benefits to students
On completing the programme students will:
 Have had opportunities to demonstrate sport leadership
 Have had the opportunity to develop effective delivery skills in the practical sport and recreation environment
 Have an increased knowledge of the sport and recreation area
 Receive a record of achievement of units studied at MIT
 Have developed specific sport skills, both in delivery and as a participant.