This course requires 1 option.

Year 12 Geography

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Robin Watson

Geography can be best described as an applied environmental Science subject. Geography promotes understanding of how people and the environment interact together and the patterns that result at different places, times and scales. It is a contemporary course concerned with resolving issues about the environment and sustainable development. Geography deals with the real world and the knowledge and skills that are learnt make it a very useful subject to study at school because it complements many different subject and career choices. Of course students can also later specialize in Geography where graduates are well sought after and extremely employable in a variety of professions. For more information please see Mr Watson.


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

2B5, highlighters, pencils (coloured)

Recommended Prior Learning

10+ credits at L1 Geography or 10+ credits at L1 English
If the above pre-requisite is not met please see Mr Watson (TIC) for further consideration.

Pathway Tags

Travel Consultant, Cartographer, Teacher, Surveyor, Diplomat, Hydrologist, GIS Consultant, Meteorologist, Transport Developer, NZ Defences, Police, Search and Rescue, Lawyer, Journalist, Media, Environmental Planner, Civil Engineer, Researcher, Geologist - these represent a small scope of what a Career in Geography could look like. Please seek more advise from Mr Watson or Careers.,